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(Jam 1:27) “A religion That is pure and stainless in the sight of God the Father is this: to take care of orphans widows in their suffering”
“Bethany ministries” stepped in to Child Development Centre serving hundreds of children from families living below poverty line, irrespective of their caste, creed and religion

Bethany exists to release the children from their spiritual, economical, social and physical poverty bondages and enable them to become responsible and fulfilled Christians adults. The Child Development Centre has been a great medium for Gospel to reach the children, their families and communities. “Bethany Ministries” stepped in to Child Development Centre serving hundreds of children from families living below poverty line, irrespective of their caste, creed and religion. Bethany exists to release the children from their spiritual, economical, social and physical poverty and enable them to become responsible and fulfilled Christians adults. The Child Development Centre has been a great medium for Gospel to reach in to the children, their families and communities.

The majority of North India’s children live in rural villages where life is most challenging and are living under very difficult situation. Bethany is responding to God’s call to reach these needy children and their families and ensure they live in a better living condition. By the end of 2020 we want to reach 15000 children through child sponsorship. A contribution of $20 per child per month will mean a new lease of life for such needy children. Your sponsorship will help provide financial assistance towards children's education, help families raise their income through income generation schemes, create awareness about issues like child marriage, drug abuse, AIDS and the importance of education and foster an atmosphere of forgiveness and peaceful coexistence.



Bethany Ministries is reaching widows and elderly by helping them with medicines, clothes, food and other necessary needs.  It is a fact that there are thousands of old age men and women have no place to go in the sunset years of their lives. Bethany aims to establish the home to shelter and care such needy elderly people. Your prayers and support will help us to make this dream come true.

$25/ per month can fully support a widow/aged for food, clothing and medicines.



(Psalm 41:1) “Blessed is he that considers the poor: the lord will deliver him day of trouble.)

Our Ministry is running an Orphanage for the Destitute, Orphans and Semi-Orphan children. At present there are 50 children in our home.  These children are being provided shelter, food, clothing and education at free of cost. We are forced to maintain this strength and not to admit any more children for want of financial resources. This Home is being maintained by the generous offering of our Believers and through meager donations. All efforts are being made to set up an income-generating project such as prayer help of God's people, which will be utilized for maintaining this orphanage. We need your blessings and prayers for a new orphanage building.





Dear beloved in Christ,

Warm Greeting to you in Jesus precious name. Please read as follows from the founder-Chairman desk and be blessed also share your blessing to others. 

A goal in Education is an all-round development of the human person with respect to one’s ultimate goal and to establish non- violent and non-exploiting social, cultural and economic order based on a vision of life that is consistent with the Gospel and Dignity of human person.” Says the Great Luminary and Visionary”, The Servant of God Rev. Barun Senapati, the founder of the Bethany trust caught vision of the Lord and stared the Ministries in a very humble way in 2001. Since then this Ministry has been kindling the candle of hope for thousands of peoples. Under the Bethany Ministries he started the Bethany Public School in this academic year 2016

Dear Parents, students and well wishers I take this opportunity to greet you with immense joy, appreciation and gratitude for your love and support. Bethany has been at in your service. This is not just a school but is a Family in which the Educational Community, the Management, staff, Students and Parents work actively to foster this FAMILY SPIRIT. This entire atmosphere of Bethany is permeated by this spirit, which promotes love, justice, peace, collaboration and cooperation leading to a human family of trust, harmony and brotherhood, this guiding spirit has helped us to make a deep impact in creating GOODWILL among all sections of society.

God is the real educator and Education is the work of Love. There are many role models who emulated as great educators and walked and walked on the footprints of the Lord with holistic approach. Bethany  empowers the Teachers, Students and Parents to bring out quality individuals kind cooperation, love and service to school that enables the Management to maintain good standard of discipline, values, and carry on the spirit of the Founder.

It is my privilege to serve the people of India through quality education and humble service. Mother Teresa said “I am like little pencil in God’s hand. That is all. He does the thinking, He does the writing. The pencil has only to be allowed, to be used.” My aim is not only to be an administrator but also to be friend and philosopher. I assure my humble service to the students, parents and others. I wish every student to abide by the motto ‘Love and Service’ and carry on the Bethanite spirit in all the activities they undertake.

Rev. Barun Senapati

Founder-Chairman, Bethany Ministries

Kesinga Kalahando Odisha


About the Activity


India is one of the most difficult countries for children to grow up in, especially if they’re born into a poor family. With a large population living well below the poverty line, most children grow up without basics such as housing, sufficient food, and education. Every minute of the day, children suffer. Child labor, child trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, and many other forms of violence and abuse are commonplace. Millions of children do not have privilege to go to school due to extreme poverty.

The " Bethany Ministries” is providing quality education to the Hundreds of poor destitute and backward children of India..

Many Poor children are in need of   sponsorship. Would you consider sponsoring a child? Your gift  will provide meals, school supplies, uniform and education for a child in the batter life.

For just US $20/month you can sponsor a student in the School to provide education, meals, uniform, and school supplies. Without help, there is no escaping this torturous fate. But with the help of donors, the suffering ends.


Our Ministry lies in the interior rural -belt of Orissa state is mostly made up of dense forest and mountainous jungles which is in-habited by Hill Tribes. Kesinga is the getaway of our District Kalahandi, where our church is situated. For the past all these years, with the team of dedicated church workers, the outreach work is a very difficult task among the non-believers, since Christianity is a minority religion accounting for less the 3% among 980 million population of India. Hence a continuous approach is being taken by preaching the Gospel to the villagers. Our outreach work is carried on with the help of audio-video equipment and distribution of tracts. Please pray for our village workers who need a vehicle to cover the entire District, including the thickly populated tribal people in Kandhamal Hills of dense jungles.





Cultural program

Our children participated in the district level cultural programmes and won prizes.  They received prizes from the District Collector. I praise God for their skills and talents.


A Bethany ministry is a ministry doing several projects to reach many unreached souls. Some times we give the food for the hunger and old age peoples. Also we give relief to the effected peoples. We distributed nearly 100 saris for Leady and 75

Pant and shirt for women as well as for the children’s of Bahrampur and Gopalpur. Also we gave some rice and try food to the effected peoples of Philin Cyclone 2013. Two of man Name Krusna Chandra and Gopal were unable to rebuild their house.



Teaching Bethany Children to Sew

Barun and Padmini not only want to make certain that the children at Bethany  receive an education. But also want them to learn a trade in order to be able to support themselves for the rest of their lives. For that purpose we have purchased two sewing machines. The bethany leaders would love to have even more sewing machines because the boys also want to learn tailoring.


II will-call open the lord who is worthy to be praised.... psalm 18:3
Bethany Ministries is looking for sponsors for this under privileged community and needy people.  The sponsorship will reach the community for the same purpose.  I requested for prayer for a Bore-well for people in Borgoan in my last montly report.  I thank God for He has provided us the Bore-well and enabled us to complete the installation of Bore-well in Borgoan village.  We need more bore-wells for other villages and the community.  We appreciate your fervent prayers and support for this project.  We need 750 US Dollars for one Bore-well.   We praise God for the completion of Bore-well in Borgoan village.  Here is the photos

Incomplete church building and needs prayer and support to complete.